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        關于駿昇 公司理念 生產設備 企業榮譽 品牌宣傳

             駿昇精密五金始創于2002年,迄今已有15年歷史。公司于2005年創立 品牌,是一家專注于家居五金產品自主研發創新型企業,駿昇阻      尼緩沖鉸鏈是駿昇公司旗 下一大核心產品。駿昇產品全面提升家居的實用功能和創新價值,實現家居五金的完美組 合。 

             駿昇位于素有“五金之鄉”美譽的廣東·揭陽,現擁有10000多平方米現代化工業廠房,超 3000多名專業員工。創立至今,駿昇憑著卓越的產品品質和創新能力、感恩心態。在中國 占有多個主要城市市場,國際銷售網絡遍及五大洲,深受國內、國外高端客戶的 支持與認 可,并成為國內眾多知名櫥柜企業長期的戰略合作伙伴! 

             駿昇注重產品細節,追求完美! 產品均通過歐洲SGS質量測試; 符合CNAS質量檢驗標 準,嚴格按照ISO9001:2008質量管理體系要求,符合GB/T9001-2008。為提高人類生活 品質而奮斗,讓千家萬戶盡享家居五金帶來的便捷,舒適與快樂。駿昇人將用自己的辛勤 和智慧憑借精湛工藝、滿腔的熱血、腳踏實地用心對待每一位客戶、我們愿與國內外新老 客戶真誠合作,共圖更大發展,創造美好的未來。

        JUNSEN Precision Hardware was founded in 2002, so far has been 15 years of history. The company founded in 2005 JUNSEN brand, is a focus on home hardware products independent research and development of innovative enterprises, JUNSEN damping buffer hinge is JUNSEN company s a core product. JUNSEN products to enhance the practical function of home and innovative value, to achieve the perfect combination of home hardware.


        JUNSEN is located in the "hardware town" reputation of Jieyang, Guangdong ,China.Now has more than 8,000 square meters of modern industrial plants, more than 200 professional staff. Since its inception, JUNSEN with excellent product quality and innovation, Thanksgiving mentality. In China has a number of major cities in the market, International sales network throughout the five continents, by domestic and foreign high-end customer support and recognition, and become many well-known cabinet domestic enterprises long-term  partners!


        JUNSEN focus on product details, the pursuit of perfection! Products are tested by European SGS quality; In line with CNAS quality inspection standards, in strict accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system requirements, in line with GB / T9001-2008. To improve the quality of human life and struggle, so that thousands of households to enjoy the convenience of home hardware, comfort and happiness.We will be with their own hard and wisdom with superb technology, full of blood, down to the heart of every customer, we are willing to work with new and old customers at home and abroad sincere cooperation, the greater development plans to create a better future.